Beaty Neighbourhood

Located on the east side of Milton, the Beaty Neighbourhood is defined by its boundaries of Derry Road, James Snow Parkway, Louis St. Laurent Avenue, and Thompson Road. Commuters in Beaty value the convenience of being close to major highways and the GO Transit station. The neighborhood boasts a wealth of amenities, including numerous parks and schools, making it an ideal choice for families. With easy access to shopping and dining options, residents find everything they need within reach. The Beaty Branch of the Milton Library adds to the community's appeal, providing a valuable resource for residents of all ages. Overall, Beaty Neighbourhood is celebrated as a wonderful place to call home, offering a blend of convenience and a family-friendly environment that sets it apart in Milton.

Bowes Neighbourhood

Nestled on the southeast side of Milton, the Bowes Neighbourhood is defined by its boundaries of Louis St. Laurent Avenue, Britannia Road, Thompson Road, and James Snow Parkway. This burgeoning community is characterized by its modern homes, marking it as a new and exciting addition to Milton's landscape. Its strategic location provides residents with swift access to the nearby Highway 401, a key feature for commuters and those looking to explore the broader region. As a neighborhood in active development, Bowes holds promise for future growth and enhancement. Keep an eye out for forthcoming updates as this area continues to evolve and establish itself as an integral part of Milton's vibrant community. With its contemporary residences and prime location, Bowes Neighbourhood presents an enticing opportunity for those seeking a fresh, modern living experience in this dynamic town.

Bronte Meadows Neighbourhood

Situated in the heart of older Milton, the Bronte Meadows Neighbourhood offers a central location with close proximity to the downtown area. Bounded by Derry Road, Bronte Street, Ontario Street, and Laurier Avenue, this well-established community enjoys a prime position near the local hospital. Bronte Meadows exudes a timeless charm with its abundance of mature trees, green spaces, parks, and meandering walking paths that provide ample opportunities for leisurely strolls and outdoor recreation. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the nearby John Tonelli Sports Centre, offering a range of athletic activities for all ages. Additionally, the neighborhood is conveniently located near various shopping plazas, ensuring that daily necessities and retail therapy are always within reach. With its blend of historic allure and modern conveniences, Bronte Meadows offers a distinctive living experience for its fortunate residents.

Clarke Neighbourhood

Located on the eastern side of Milton, the Clarke Neighbourhood is framed by Derry Road, James Snow Parkway, the CP Rail Line, and Thompson Road. This family-friendly community boasts a prime location with convenient access to GO Transit and major highways 401 and 407, making it an ideal choice for commuters. Clarke is renowned for its generous green spaces, including large parks, a delightful splash pad, and serene ponds that add to the neighborhood's appeal. The area also hosts a selection of schools, contributing to its reputation as a welcoming and family-oriented environment. For those with furry friends, Clarke offers the convenience of a leash-free dog park, providing a safe space for pets to play and socialize. With its blend of accessible amenities and tranquil natural surroundings, the Clarke Neighbourhood stands as a desirable place for families to call home in Milton.

Coates Neighbourhood

Situated in the heart of south-central Milton, the Coates Neighbourhood is bordered by Derry Road, Thompson Road, Louis St. Laurent Avenue, and Ontario Street. This vibrant community is known for its abundance of parks, complete with sports fields and a refreshing splash pad for outdoor enjoyment. Residents revel in the convenience of nearby shopping plazas and a diverse selection of restaurants, catering to various tastes and preferences. A standout feature of Coates is the prominent Coates Neighbourhood Park North and South, which forms an uninterrupted green pathway through the heart of the neighborhood. This offers a serene retreat for residents, perfect for leisurely strolls or bike rides along designated lanes. With its harmonious blend of natural beauty and accessible amenities, the Coates Neighbourhood provides a welcoming and dynamic living experience for its fortunate residents.

Cobban Neighbourhood

Nestled in the southern part of Milton, the Cobban Neighbourhood is defined by Thompson Road, Louis St. Laurent Avenue, Highway 25, and Britannia Road. Currently in the midst of development, Cobban is poised for exciting growth in the near future. Keep an eye out for updates as this neighborhood evolves. With its strategic location and promise of expansion, Cobban presents an enticing prospect for those looking to be a part of this dynamic and evolving community in Milton.

Dempsey Neighbourhood

In the northeastern corner of Milton lies the vibrant Dempsey Neighbourhood, embraced by Thompson Road, Highway 401, James Snow Parkway, and the CP Rail lines. This strategic location provides seamless access to both Highway 401 and GO Transit, making it an ideal hub for commuters. Within the Dempsey neighbourhood, residents have a wealth of recreation and leisure facilities at their fingertips. These include the esteemed Milton Centre for the Arts, the bustling Main Branch of the Milton Public Library, the well-equipped Milton Leisure Centre, and the beloved Milton Memorial Arena. For outdoor enthusiasts, a skate park and splash pads offer additional options for enjoyment. The neighborhood is also home to various schools, ensuring education is within convenient reach. With an array of restaurants, shopping destinations, and a movie theatre, Dempsey offers a diverse range of amenities that cater to a variety of interests and preferences.

Dorset Park Neighbourhood

Nestled in north-central Milton, the Dorset Park Neighbourhood is framed by Main Street, Steeles Avenue, Ontario Street, and Thompson Road. This quaint and desirable community boasts generous lots, with many homes featuring inviting pools, nestled amidst a backdrop of mature trees. Known for its tranquil ambiance and family-friendly atmosphere, Dorset Park is a quiet haven for its fortunate residents. The neighborhood is adorned with parks, complete with a refreshing splash pad and charming walking paths, perfect for leisurely strolls. Families in Dorset Park have the convenience of nearby schools, ensuring education is readily accessible. For commuters, easy access to GO Transit and Highway 401 adds to the neighborhood's appeal. With the added convenience of nearby shopping and a variety of restaurants, Dorset Park offers a peaceful and idyllic living experience in the heart of Milton.

Ford Neighbourhood

Situated in the southern reaches of Milton, the Ford Neighbourhood is bounded by Louis St. Laurent Avenue, Highway 25, Britannia Road, and Bronte Street. This newer residential area is thoughtfully designed with families in mind, featuring spacious houses, ample sidewalks, and plenty of green space. Embracing an active lifestyle, Ford provides residents with well-maintained trails and dedicated bicycle lanes for outdoor enjoyment. To promote a safe and serene environment, traffic calming roundabouts are strategically placed throughout the neighborhood, encouraging slower speeds. Families in Ford have access to nearby schools and parks, while the Milton Indoor Turf Centre offers a range of recreational opportunities. Additionally, a conveniently located nearby shopping plaza caters to daily needs. With its thoughtful planning and emphasis on family-friendly living, the Ford Neighbourhood stands as an inviting and thriving community in the heart of Milton.

Harrison Neighbourhood

Nestled in the southwest corner of Milton, the Harrison Neighbourhood is bordered by Tremaine Road, Derry Road, Louis St. Laurent Avenue, and the CN Rail Lines. This idyllic community offers unobstructed views of the picturesque Niagara Escarpment, providing a stunning backdrop for residents. Parks, schools, and a lively splash pad cater to families, while walking trails and dedicated bike lanes encourage

Old Milton Neighbourhood

As the oldest neighborhood in Milton, the Old Milton district holds a special place in the town's history. Centrally located and embraced by Bronte Street, Steeles Avenue, Ontario Street, and Laurier Avenue, it exudes a timeless charm. The heart of Old Milton lies along downtown's Main Street, where delightful restaurants and quaint boutique shops line the historic avenues. Every Saturday from May to October, the Farmer’s Market offers an array of fresh fruits and vegetables for residents to enjoy. The Town Hall, Milton Fairgrounds, home to the cherished Milton Fall Fair, and landmarks like Mill Pond, Rotary Park Pool, and Splash Pad add to the neighborhood's vibrant character. With numerous parks and schools, Old Milton is a very walkable community. Its streets are graced with heritage and century homes, creating an atmosphere that honors the town's rich history.

Scott Neighbourhood

Nestled in the northwest corner of Milton, the Scott Neighbourhood is bordered by Derry Road, CN Rail lines, Steeles Avenue, and Tremaine Road. Its prime location affords breathtaking views of the majestic Niagara Escarpment. This family-friendly community is abundant with parks, schools, and dedicated bike lanes, fostering an active lifestyle. Scott is conveniently close to Kelso Lake, Glen Eden ski hill, Crawford Lake, and Rattlesnake Point, offering an array of outdoor activities. The Sherwood Community Centre, complete with a modern library branch, rinks, and pools, serves as a hub for recreational activities. With its proximity to downtown Milton, residents enjoy quick access to shops, restaurants, and other essential amenities. The upcoming completion of the HWY 401 Tremaine Road interchange promises easy commuting for residents of the Scott Neighbourhood.

Timberlea Neighbourhood

A mature and highly desirable location, the Timberlea Neighbourhood stands as a cherished gem in central Milton. Bounded by Thompson Road, Ontario Street, Derry Road, and Main Street, the neighborhood is characterized by its larger older homes, generously set on spacious lots adorned with majestic, mature trees—many with refreshing pools. Timberlea is home to a variety of shopping plazas featuring well-known restaurants, as well as the Milton Mall and the convenient GO train station, serving commuters in the area. This family-friendly community provides an array of schools, including the notable E. C. Drury School for the Deaf, offering educational opportunities for all. With numerous parks, a police station for added safety, a senior’s centre, and the popular Sam Sherratt Trail weaving through, Timberlea offers ample space for leisurely walks and outdoor activities, creating a perfect environment for families and residents of all ages to thrive.

Walker Neighbourhood

Nestled in the southwest corner of Milton, the Walker Neighbourhood is embraced by Louis St. Laurent Avenue, Bronte Street, Britannia Road, and Tremaine Road. As one of Milton's newest communities still in the development stage, Walker offers a promise of modern living in a scenic setting. Residents can look forward to breathtaking views of the nearby escarpment. The proximity to the Mattamy Cycling Centre/Velodrome, complete with a walking trail and fitness classes, adds a dynamic touch to the neighborhood. With the upcoming completion of the future 401 Tremaine Rd interchange, commuting for residents of the Walker Neighbourhood will become even more convenient. Stay tuned for future updates as Walker continues to evolve, promising an exciting and inviting community.

Willmott Neighbourhood

Bordered by Louis St. Laurent Avenue, Hwy 25, Derry Road, and the CN Rail Lines, the Willmott Neighbourhood in Milton stands at the heart of convenience and activity. This community is home to notable landmarks like the Milton District Hospital, ensuring residents have access to essential healthcare services. The Milton Sports Centre is another standout feature, offering a range of facilities including rinks, pools, an indoor walking track, gymnastics, and fitness rooms. Moreover, the expansive Milton Community Park spans over 7.2 hectares, providing an array of recreational options such as baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, beach volleyball, a splash pad, and skate park. With its family-friendly atmosphere, schools, leash-free dog park, and nearby shopping plaza and restaurants, Willmott caters to a diverse range of interests and needs for its fortunate residents.